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Filson Salt Water Reel Case

Protect your investment with the classic style of a Filson Reel Case. This reel case features a non-corrosive brass zipper, Filson Bridle leather, and a plush sheepskin lining for additional cushion and protection.

Now, more than ever, it's a smart move to pack your reel with your carry-on luggage rather checked baggage. This case will keep your line clean while traveling and protect your carry-on clothes from reel grease.

Style 2017 - Salt Water Reel Case
Genuine Bridle Leather, 100% cowhide, vegetable tanned (not chrome-tanned) for greater durability. Oil Finish Rugged Twill, 22 oz. 100% cotton twill, 2 ply by 3 ply, paraffin treated for maximum water repellency

Filson Salt Water Reel Case
Style #2017

One Size $89.95

This item has been discontinued