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Filson Weekender Sweater

Customers who love our heavyweight sweaters for field, forest and work site, asked for lighter weight versions for milder weather and other pursuits. These lighter weight sweaters are designed for the rest of your life: travel; yard work; the stadium; around town; many of your favorite sports.

20% lighter than our Heavyweight sweaters, 100% of the comfort

The lighter weight comes from knitting with less yarn than is used in our heavyweight sweaters. But the yarn--and all the construction--is otherwise identical: 100% Merino virgin worsted wool with a hard twist, that's very tightly knit. The result is a highly comfortable sweater you'll want to wear every day.

The smooth finish is naturally water repellent

The finish is firm, smooth, pleasing to the touch and not only wears extremely well but also enhances wool's natural water repellency. Wool will absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without becoming damp or clammy. Warm even when wet, wool is the fabric of choice for experienced outdoorsmen world wide. You'll find your sweater a welcome companion year-round for years to come. Dry clean. Made in USA.

Our Weekender sweater is a crew neck, classic cut, for a handsome sweater that will take you anywhere, comfortably.

Style #702 - Weekender Sweater
100% Merino virgin worsted wool
Filson Weekender Sweater
Style #702

This item has been discontinued