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Filson Long-Johns Bottom
Alaskan Smooth Wool

Filson Long-Johns are made with the finest Merino wool for warmth, durability, and comfort. It's hard to understand why Filson goes through such a rigorous process to create their Long-johns until you try a pair for yourself.

Filson starts with long, fine fibers from specially-bred Merino sheep. Special sheep? Yeah, Filson never takes shortcuts. Then, Filson applies a "worsted" twist to the fibers to create a smooth, silky, itch free finish.

There are four reasons why wool long-johns are better than synthetics:
  • Wool wicks moisture away from the body while synthetics just redistribute it.
  • Synthetics wear out after multiple washings, while your grandpa is still wearing his old wool coat.
  • Unlike synthetics which can trap unpleasant odors, wool fibers absorb and neutralize odors.
  • Studies find that wool's greater adaptation to body temperature lowers the production of lactic acid and therefor increases stamina.

  • Filson's long-johns aren't only made of the best material possible, they are also designed effectively:
  • The top is cut extra long to stay tucked in even during vigorous activity.
  • Fits tops (style 1300 or 1305) smoothly for layering, yet is cut generously for ease of movement.
  • The cuffs are knit for maximum durability.

  • "SuperWashing" means your Filson Alaskan Long-johns are machine washable (machine wash cold, gentle cycle, line dry). Elastic waistband. Fly front.

    Style #1301 - Filson Alaskan Long-Johns Bottom

    100% Merino virgin wool

    Filson Smooth Wool Long-Johns Bottom
    Style #1301


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